Life Integrity Duty

Life Integrity Duty

Life Integrity DutyLife Integrity DutyLife Integrity Duty

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Phil. 4:13

The Platform


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United By A Common Goal

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We The American People

Pillars Of Integrity

  • People over Power
  • Liberty over Oppression
  • Order over Dis-order/Chaos
  • Reign over Rule

Right now we have a power struggle happening in our “WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” government. Our Founding Fathers knew what it was to be under a monarchy, some of them knew what it was to be under a dictatorship. Out of that oppression liberty was found and the greatest nation, the United States of America was born. One of the things that we have experienced in history that most people cannot handle is POWER and quite frankly we were never designed to have power to rule. We were all designed and given the opportunity to reign no matter where we live. Here in America, we are recognized as all equal. Our government was formed with three branches to keep order. It is the duty of every American citizen to stay involved and pass it to the next generation and keep the chaos from running rampant. It seems we have failed our own country, but fortunately here in America, when Americans fall we get back up! 

How have we failed you might ask? Maybe we have been sitting on the side-lines too long or maybe you might be that one that thinks my voice/vote doesn’t matter. Sitting out, no matter the reason, is the biggest mistake anyone can make in doing nothing or to only go half-way. I believe we have not committed ALL THE WAY to America , we have not committed ALL THE WAY for Liberty, and most importantly we have not committed ALL THE WAY to WE THE PEOPLE.

The Constitution of the United States of America is designed to protect all our God-given liberties. Our leaders are to represent America and what it stands for, not represent some other country. Our loyalty is to America, period. Our representatives are not here to be our religious or moral police, they are here to keep law and order and uphold the Constitution. We have lost our good and common sense in government; power seems to be a struggle thus forgetting the American people. 

America must stand up. We were made to keep advancing in a modern world while keeping our nation a Republic with the Constitution at the forefront. Like any business, some people like doing things the old way, but it is the person who is ready to do things the new way that has the opportunity to advance.

Share the big news

I would like to bring back loyalty to America, protect our Constitution and most importantly defend all life. Our government is pretty simple to me because it takes the American people to run our government. I need your help, vote and support. I believe the BEST advertisement is word of mouth. There are five ways to get involved; one is to join our team, two is to share on social media of your preference, three is tell people about me, four is to contribute (which will go to campaign cards, tv, radio ads and hopefully billboards) and fifth is to vote and get others to vote Ava for Congress!

I know I have sat on the side-lines too long. It is my duty to protect America and what she stands for and no longer doing things half-way but ALL THE WAY in 2020. 

I am Ava Reynero Pate, ready to bring back integrity to our nation. Texas is known for having big hearts and respecting others. We believe in people, faith and family. 

We believe in America! 

Let's get up! Let's get going! #AllTheWay2020 

Ava for Congress

Will you join me?

  1. Join our team
  2. Share on social media
  3. Tell people about me
  4. Contribute
  5. Vote and get others to vote


Mission statement – We have TWO important things that define our country USA from the rest of the world. We have our Constitution and Judaeo Christian beliefs, we know as the Bible. I'm asking for your vote that would impact many lives. We can be a part of history that affects not just an individual, but people as a whole. When you vote for me, you're voting for the ones that are not able to speak for themselves. You're also voting to protect thousands of unborn lives that are aborted up to 9 months. When you vote for me you are equipping and empowering our veterans, the teenager who couldn't finish school and the single mom.

I love America and I'm ready to continue our Founding Fathers legacy of freedom, their faith and love for country.