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Our current Representative Sheila Jackson Lee has served our Tx-18 District for 25 years. As professional leaders we must know when to bow out gracefully. Under her leadership as of now, she continues to obstruct our work from getting accomplished. The priority of our Representatives is to protect the American people and pass legislation to ensure domestic tranquility/peace, provide for the common defense, the general welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity. [Constitution]

I am providing some of my values and some of her voting records so that you can determine whether you would like her to continue to represent you or not. 


National Security

Uphold the Constitution

Support our Veterans

Support for small business owners & create jobs 

Pro-Life/Sanctity of Life

National Security

National Security is a priority and this is the sole purpose of our government to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic. I believe in having a strong military presence protecting the United States of America from any type of threat from our enemies. Another area that we must take our stand in, is our borders.

It is very unsettling to hear about brothels in other countries and the inhumane treatment young boys and girls experience. To know that it is happening right here in America, a free country, is even more unsettling. When I say brothels, I am talking about the human sex-traffickers that are using boys and girls for their own desires. We must put a stop to these types of criminals. Sanctity of life needs to become popular again here in America. It is important to make laws that go after criminals such as these and not the law-abiding citizens. 

We also have the Drug Cartels sending drug traffickers across the border to do their dirty work.

We still have ISIS, who believes we {America} are Big Satan. We cannot let our guard down for one moment. Our borders must stay secure at all times from these criminals and murderers.

Can we quit making the same argument in different words or flip-flopping on securing our borders? 

I would like to request our veterans, that are still able and willing to help secure our borders.

Make the naturalization process fast and effective by holding U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services accountable just as we are starting to hold the VA accountable. By securing our borders, we can put a stop to the coyotes. By putting a stop to this 

danger, we would direct immigrants wanting to enter America to enter legally and abide by our laws. Anyone entering illegally, immediately effective, would lose the privilege of becoming a citizen. This is about protecting life first and then the jobs of the American people.

Sheila Jackson Lee has not kept her oath in protecting America as stated in our Constitution. Here is her voting record on protecting the American people, domestic and foreign.

NAY on community safety and national security

NAY on Biometric Identification Transnational Migration Alert Program Authorization Act of 2018

NAY on Immigration Reform that included temporary legal status for DACA recipients.

Uphold the Constitution

Our Representatives take an oath to protect our American values written in the Constitution. It is the law of the land. I am ready to uphold our Constitution of the United States. My goal is to have America remain a Republic, keep our government small and our wallets bigger. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas. To be ignorant of our Constitution is to be ignorant of what makes us a free country. It is our life-line to remain prosperous, protected and free. 

The government is here to work for "WE The American People."

Sheila Jackson Lee continues to infringe on many of our rights stated in the Constitution.

Support our Veterans

Veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect America. I would like to support any legislation that would help our veterans. The VA is being held accountable, but we must stay persistent and hold the hospitals accountable. With some of our men and women struggling with health issues, we must continue to provide the best health and mental care. I would propose that they have the same healthcare that is provided for Congress and our POTUS.

Sheila Jackson Lee's voting record

NAY on Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017

NAY on VA accountability First Act

Support for small business owners & create jobs 

Creating jobs would be one of my priorities in TX-18 District. Our inner-city is filled with high crime and flourishing in our district. Every area that has been added to TX-18 District  under the representation of Sheila Jackson Lee has become neglected and filled with a higher crime rate. Spring, TX and San Jacinto are good examples of seeing the misrepresentation that is happening. I believe one of the reasons for high crime in any area is because our school system is failing our teens. The whole purpose of obtaining an education is to prepare our youth to be an asset to society and our district is failing them miserably. The high school drop-out rate is very high in TX-18 District. My solution to this problem is school choice and holding the education system accountable and focus on creating jobs. I would start working with the trade schools and small businesses by giving them incentives which would include tax breaks and less regulations.

It would be wonderful to see people blessed and small businesses flourishing in our district, prospering as a whole.

Sheila Jackson Lee's voting record

Nay on Protecting Family & Small Business

NAY on First Step Act

NAY on Tax Cuts and Job Act

ProLife/Sanctity of Life

I believe every life is valuable from the conception of a child, the veteran and even our elderly. Every unborn child should have the opportunity to be someone, the veteran should not be overlooked and the elderly should not have their homes taken from them. I would like to introduce legislation to declare that life cannot be aborted the moment a heartbeat is heard. Death is declared legally when the heart has stopped beating. Why wouldn't we declare someone alive when the heart starts to beat? This would lead us on the path of seeing the day where abortion does not even enter our minds. 

That would be the true meaning of peace on earth.

Sheila Jackson Lee voting record

NAY on Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act  (this would protect a child born alive)

NAY on pain capable unborn child protection act

Our wonderful Republic gives us the opportunity to choose. I hope you take advantage of your right and duty to help for the good. Government was never meant to be our source. We are One Nation Under God and He is our source. 

Vote Ava for Congress! All The Way 2020!