About Ava

Ava Reynero Pate for U.S. Congress TX-18 District


My name is Ava Reynero Pate, I am the Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representative TX-18. I am married to a great man John Pate, we have a beautiful daughter together and I also gained a son in the process. 


I am third generation Hispanic. My great-grandparents migrated to the United States of America from Mexico. While I am proud to be an American first, I am also very proud of my mixed nationality of Mexican & Native American. Being a Latina, it is in my very fiber to be passionate about life, showing compassion to people, working hard and last but not least, to have the courage to stand up for what is right. 

Born in Austin and raised in Houston:

Although being born in Austin, I was raised in Houston Texas. I immediately fell in love with Houston and the new lingo I would soon pick up. Little did I know what over yonder meant, but came to be aware of it very quickly. It did not become part of my vocabulary, but I loved the twang in it. 

Houston, Texas is surrounded by so much culture and history and it’s also a good place to have fun. I’m a little partial but I believe Houston has the best Tex-Mex food. If you head south, we have Galveston Island. Along the path you can stop by Nasa, where the famous line ”Houston, We’ve Had A Problem” came from. And yes, the stars are bigger in Texas!

If you go in the opposite direction and head north, you have Sam Houston Park, which is one of my favorite memories of my first long distance school trip. I remember seeing the scenery of Sam Houston’s life. That’s where I learned about my freedom and my respect for life grew stronger. We also have the San Jacinto Monument and Museum, the historical site where Sam Houston and his men defeated Santa Anna and his Mexican soldiers and where our Republic was born. Even though I never met Sam Houston, I have so much gratitude for his courage and respect of not giving up on our freedom.

Last but not least, we have some of the most friendliest & giving people and all you have to do is ask. I love our Houston Rockets! I’m a little partial to basketball, but still love our Astros World Series Champions (what a great moment in history) and we have, in my eyes, the greatest Texas football team, The Texans!

I have so many memories here in Houston and very proud to live in Texas. It would be an honor to represent the people of TX-18 District.

Serving my fellow-Americans:

The United States of America is still the best place to live, grow and prosper. Every American citizen has the opportunity to give to this great nation, to prosper and protect our freedom for every generation now and to come. 

I am very thankful to have lived and worked in our Texas-18 District for over 30 years. Halfway through my career, I became a successful small business owner for 15 years. I believe the key ... 

to be a success is through relationships and this applies to anything in life.

As I look back on my life, the volunteering I did was from my heart, not realizing that God was preparing me for this moment. First and foremost is to serve my community by serving my church. I have served on a Parent Teacher League at my daughters school for seven years. I truly enjoyed being part of a team on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for two years that helped with educational scholarships. I also served on a Band Booster for two years. The benefit I received from serving was in knowing that our future would prosper in one way or another. One thing that I learned very quickly with the Parent Teacher League and the Band Booster was that they had By-Laws and it was vital in having a successful year, not only in relationships but also financially. I see our government in the same way; relationships are key and upholding our Constitution is vital to having our nation succeed.

Congress needs people who are willing to present facts and not rule with our feelings and to uphold order where there is no order. We seem to have lost courage in our very diverse society, respect for authority and sadly some have lost pride for America. I hope you will stand with me and share this message. Please do not sit on the sidelines, stand with me and get control of our government.

I am ready to be bold enough to stand for justice for Life, bring back Integrity to our nation and Duty back into our fabric of America.

Life Integrity Duty

Ava for Congress